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Wine Cocktail Bitters Flame Spray Bottle

Wine Cocktail Bitters Flame Spray Bottle

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Introducing our 30ml Hot Professional Wine Cocktail Bitters Flame Spray Bottle – the fiery secret weapon for bartenders and mixologists, adding a touch of magic to every cocktail creation! 🍸🔥

This isn't just your average spray bottle; it's a sleek and professional tool crafted for the ultimate cocktail connoisseur. With its compact size and precise flame control, it's perfect for adding that extra spark of flavor to your favorite drinks. Whether you're crafting classic cocktails or experimenting with new concoctions, our Flame Spray Bottle ensures you're both the life of the party and the master of mixology.

Upgrade your bartending game – embrace the sizzle and dazzle your guests with flaming cocktails that ignite the senses! 🎉✨ #FlameOn #MixologyMagic

Atomizer Height: 12cm,  dia 2.8cm
Capacity: 30ml.

Package include:
1pcs Spray Bottle

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