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Water Painting Floating Pen

Water Painting Floating Pen

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Bring life to your next drawing with the Color Whiteboard Pen (Floating Pen). Expertly crafted from durable plastic, this beautifully designed pen boasts sleek lines and a classic finish. Perfect for both professionals and novice users alike, these pens feature a unique 2-in-1 design which includes interchangeable thin and thick nibs. An ideal choice for creating detail-rich illustrations, drawings, or diagrams of any complexity.

Whether you are adding color to your whiteboard or coming up with creative designs in the privacy of your home — Water Painting Pens can help you realize all of your visual ideas with effortless ease. Powered by cold water, simply fill a basin or cup and dip the nib of the pen to activate its special effect. As soon as it hits the water surface, watch as masterpieces come alive - vibrant colors dance across the surface! Replaceable nibs make sure that your work is always sharp and clear while an ergonomic design keeps fingers comfortable when working long hours.

Choose between 8 color and 12 color packs depending on your preference—no matter what, you will find yourself captivated every time you practice your art with Color Whiteboard Pen (Floating Pen).

Material: Plastic

Single size:No. 01: Small 10.3*1cm; No. 02: Large 12.2*1.2cm

Packing: 8 colors /12 colors

Weight of a set: a set of thin nibs weighs 52g, and a set of thick nibs weighs 65g

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