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Universal Metal Webcam Cover For Laptop

Universal Metal Webcam Cover For Laptop

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Introducing the Universal Metal Webcam Cover, perfect for laptops and other devices! With a variety of colors to choose from, including black, rose gold, and silver, these metal covers come in an oval size of 17.5mm * 9mm * 0.7mm, a metal rectangle size of 11mm * 7mm * 0.68 mm (before sliding). It also comes with a plastic rectangle size 18mm * 9.2mm * 0.7 mm (before sliding). The webcam cover is designed to provide maximum security and privacy to protect you from any potential hackers or creeps gaining access to your camera. Plus it's easy to install - just peel off the adhesive backing on the back of the webcam cover, place it over your device's camera lens - and you're done! Make sure your personal information stays confidential by purchasing this universal metal webcam cover today!


Size: 11mm * 7mm * 0.68mm (before sliding) 

Plastic Rectangle Size: 18mm * 9.2mm * 0.7mm (before sliding) 

Material: Metal / Plastic 

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