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Isolation Cream Makeup Prep Base

Isolation Cream Makeup Prep Base

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Introducing Laneige Snow Veil Isolation Cream - Your All-in-One Beauty Secret for a Flawless and Fun Korean Makeup Experience! Unlock the magic of Korean beauty with Laneige Snow Veil Isolation Cream. It's not just makeup; it's a beauty experience that's both fun and professional. Turn your daily routine into a snow-kissed adventure! Ready to transform your makeup game? Grab your Laneige Snow Veil Isolation Cream today and step into the enchanting world of K-beauty, where beauty meets innovation!



40 Purple - suitable for yellowish and dull skin
60 Green - suitable for reddish, red blood, acne muscle
Laneige Isolating Black Technology
Vitamin calibration
Collagen moisturizing technology

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