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Hookah Cup Pipe with Lid

Hookah Cup Pipe with Lid

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Introducing the R&R Hot Sale 1000ml Acrylic Hookah Cup Pipe with Lid – your ideal companion for a memorable smoking experience on the go. Crafted from durable acrylic, this handheld shisha bottle is designed for outdoor adventures and travel. Its 1000ml capacity ensures plenty of smoking sessions, while the included lid keeps your tobacco bowl secure. Elevate your smoking experience with this stylish and convenient smoking accessory. Whether you're exploring the outdoors or embarking on a journey, the R&R Acrylic Hookah Cup Pipe is your ticket to relaxation and enjoyment.




Product Name: Kettle Hookah
Material: Plastic
Color: Black, Blue, Transparent
Size: 220*110*110mm
NW: 210g
Use: Smoking supplies

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