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Goddess Hair Braids Hair Extensions

Goddess Hair Braids Hair Extensions

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To achieve a full and voluminous look when creating the Goddess Faux Locs style, it's typically recommended to use multiple packs of hair extensions.


Here's the important information:

  • Number of Packs: It's mentioned that usually, 5-6 packs are needed for a full head of Goddess Faux Locs. This means that for a complete and thick hairstyle, you'll likely need to purchase and use 5 to 6 packs of these hair extensions.

Using multiple packs ensures that you have enough hair to create the desired volume, length, and texture for your hairstyle. The synthetic hair extensions you described are specifically designed for creating this style, and following the recommended number of packs will help you achieve an authentic and beautiful look.

When using multiple packs, it's important to distribute the strands evenly throughout your natural hair to create a uniform and stylish appearance. Proper installation and maintenance will ensure that your Goddess Faux Locs look their best.

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