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Electric Wall Heater

Electric Wall Heater

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Feeling the chill this winter and need some dependable personal heating wherever you go? Look no further than the Electric Wall Heater – a mini, portable plug-in heater to personalize your living space with adjustable thermostat settings. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, or even for camping trips, the Personal Heater is ideal for any situation. With its infrared heating element and highly efficient design, this device is easy to use and can save on energy bills too! Simply plug into a wall socket, set the temperature to keep the chills away, and enjoy your personalized warmth at home or in the great outdoors. The Electric Wall Heater is smart enough to let you know when it needs cleaning and compact enough to bring with you everywhere – so grab one today and start warm!



Product Weight: 500g
Product Specifications: 16.5x14.5x8.5 cm
Power supply AC220-240V, 50Hz / 60HZ

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