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Ceramic Coating For Auto Paint

Ceramic Coating For Auto Paint

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Add superior protection to any vehicle with Ceramic Coating for Auto Paint! For the best finish and long lasting durability, this is the coating solution you have been searching for, with extreme hyperactive water beading and self-cleaning properties that make maintenance a breeze. Better yet, there's no need for extensive surface prep before coating – you can apply it in seconds and enjoy robust results. This amazing product is perfect for a range of exterior surfaces, shielding your vehicle from UV rays, extreme weather, and contamination. Whether you are just starting out and need a durable protection and shine on uncoated paint, or have a pre-existing ceramic coating that needs revitalizing, this will do the trick. Enjoy the ease of applying Ceramic Coating for Auto Paint and the confidence that you are receiving the most advanced protection and lasting finish on the market.




Package Includes:
S6-300ML Kit :
S6-300ML Bottled *1
Nozzle *1
Sponge Applicator *2
Microfiber Towel *1

S6-100ML Kit :
S6-100ML Bottled *1
Nozzle *1
Sponge Applicator *1

S6-50ML Kit :
S6-50ML Bottled *1
Nozzle *1
Sponge Applicator *1

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