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Beech Comfort Pacifier

Beech Comfort Pacifier

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Introducing our Beech Comfort Pacifier, a versatile and stylish accessory designed to keep your baby's pacifier close at hand while adding a touch of elegance to their ensemble.

Crafted with care, this pacifier chain features a combination of silicone, beech wood, and hemu materials, ensuring durability and safety for your little one. The soothing color options, including white, marble gray, lilac purple, and more, allow you to choose the perfect match for your baby's style.

Each chain comes neatly packaged in an opp bag, making it convenient for storage and travel. With a length of approximately 29cm and a weight of about 28g, it's suitable for babies aged three months and older.

Enhance your baby's comfort and style with our Beech Comfort Pacifier. Order yours today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your little one's pacifier is always within reach.


- Product Category: Food Supplement
- Material: Silicone/Beech/Hemu
- Packing: Opp Bag Packing
- Size: Approximately 29cm in Length
- Weight: About 28g
- Suitable Age: 3 Months and Older

Packing Includes:
- Pacifier Chain ×1

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