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Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Phone Laptop Bracket

Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Phone Laptop Bracket

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Are you looking for a revolutionary new way to stay productive, organized, and on top of your game? Look no further than the Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Phone Laptop Bracket! This incredible device will take your multitasking and efficiency to the next level with maximum convenience and minimum effort.

The Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Phone Laptop Bracket is easy to attach and offers a secure, stable hold for both your phone and laptop. With its slim design, this lightweight bracket travels easily with you from place to place – a perfect accompaniment for campus outings and work trips alike. The bracket's innovative technology allows for automatic adsorption and endless angle adjustment, ensuring that you have the best view of both your phone and laptop at all times. The powerful 3M sticker adhesive ensures a repeatable strong adsorption, making sure that your devices don't slip off while you work. Now you can simultaneously surf the web, answer emails, send texts, and watch videos with ease!




Material: Aluminum Alloy/Plastic
Size: 12*3*0.5cm
Weight: 60g
Model: Universal to All Laptops with Flat Backside

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