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Adjustable Crystal Table Lamp

Adjustable Crystal Table Lamp

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The "Adjustable Crystal Table Lamp" is a stylish and versatile lamp that offers various lighting options and creates a charming and romantic atmosphere.  The lamp can be controlled either through touch or a remote, offering convenience and ease of use. The touch control allows you to adjust the light settings with a simple touch, while the remote control provides remote access to the lamp's functions. Overall, the Adjustable Crystal Table Lamp offers a blend of elegance, functionality, and versatility. Its captivating 3D effect, beautiful raindrop crystal design, and adjustable lighting options make it an attractive addition to any room, creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere to enhance the ambiance of your living spaces.




Size: 7.09in high, 3.16in Diameter
Net Weight: 430g (Approx.)
Voltage: Less than or equal to 36V
Power: 1-5 W
Shell Material: Acrylic
Charging Type: USB Charging

Packing Include:
1*Table Lamp
1*Data Cable
1*Remote Control (Optional)

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